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What is TONOPRO?

TONOPRO is an online library of Royalty Free music composed and produced especially for professional use. Our catalog is constantly updated with new tracks of various musical genres. Our customers receive in exchange of one single payment a License that allows them to use tracks right away, in commercial projects, under the conditions described in each license group.

Royalty Free Music - Production Music

All musical works available on our website have been composed and produced especially for professional use and are free from third-party claims of rights or Royalties.

TONOPRO provides the following types of musical works:

  • Musical works by authors who are NOT members of collecting societies - these are completely free from third-party claims (e.g. by musicians, composers, conductors, producers or entities responsible for collecting royalties). Such Works will be marked as "Royalty-Free" in the society information bar. Use of these works will not require any extra payment to collecting societies, or filling cue-sheets for those societies.

    Tip: to get quick access to this type of music please use the filter at the right to display only results based on relevant parameters as in this case. Limit the results to such tracks.
  • Musical works registered with collecting societies such as SGAE, BMI, ASCAP or PRS. Such works will be identified in the society information bar with the name of relevant collecting society. For certain types of use such music may entail obtaining of additional permissions from the collecting society in question (e.g. from SGAE for theatrical performances or for mechanical reproductions on optical discs or vinyls). If music is used in media, or in shops, or film projects, whether locally or internationally, filling out cue-sheets for the identification of works used in the project for the collecting agencies may be required.

    Only correct identification will allow the authors of the works included in films or TV shows to receive their royalties that sometimes are lost in the hands of their own collecting companies due to not being properly identified.

    The works registered with these societies may be reproduced mechanically (e.g. on CD / DVD, Audiobook, PowerPoint presentation, etc...) without paying any additional fee to the collecting society.

    Video hosting services like Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook:
    Operators and/or owners of websites with publicly available videos that use music registered with collecting societies are solely responsible for the payment of royalties. As long as you are not the operator/owner of the website where the video is hosted, you don't have to pay royalties. So, you can upload videos that use music registered with collecting societies to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other video hosting services without paying a penny. But if you embed a YouTube video on your own web page, you or your client, as an operator and/or site owner, will be responsible for the payment of royalties.

    We recommend that you make your own research about the different policies regarding performance and cue-sheets that different societies require.

Why do you need a License?

Collecting societies have a legal right of demanding information regarding the origins of the tracks used in any audiovisual production published in any format, whether it's royalty free music or not. The License Agreement is the document through which TONOPRO transfers to you the synchronization rights of the musical work acquired with regard to territory, media and time period specified in the license.

Always keep your License Agreement, because in the case of inspection from collecting societies this is the only document that can prove that your music has been legally acquired.

The license and the rights to a musical work listed therein will not take effect until the invoice is paid in full.

License Types

Musical works available on TONOPRO may only be used by the customer in a single project under the terms and conditions of the licensing group the customer selected while placing his order:

Group A - Private

NON-COMMERCIAL license for private or personal use

  • Use in videos is NOT ALLOWED (For use in videos (YouTube, etc...) select Group C)
  • Website background music (Music embedded on private website / NOT A MUSICAL VIDEO / domain and sub- domains)
  • School Project (Festivals / Internet / Non-commercial DVD up to 1000 mechanical reproductions*)
  • Private Podcast (Podcast of a private person)

DURATION: Unlimited
TERRITORY: Worldwide

Group B - Corporate

COMMERCIAL License for corporate use.

  • Use in videos is NOT ALLOWED (For use in videos (YouTube, etc...) select Group C)
  • Website background music (Music embedded on corporate website / NOT A MUSICAL VIDEO / domain and sub-domains)
  • Music on hold (Music for phone holding loops / one location)
  • Background music for shops (Shops, restaurants, bars, cafes)
  • Corporate Podcast (Corporate / institutional Podcast)

DURATION: Unlimited
TERRITORY: Worldwide

Group C - Video

COMMERCIAL License for corporate use.

  • Corporate video (NO ADVERTISING) (Online video (no online advertising / public screening (e.g. events, exhibitions) / one language)
  • Editorial films / Image films (Online / TV / IPTV / 1 language
  • Mobile Applications up to 10.000 downloads (e.g. iPhone / iPad / Android)
  • Online Flash Games
  • Products for sale (one product) up to 1,000 units of the same product
  • Audiobook / Audioguide (1 player)

DURATION: Unlimited
TERRITORY: Worldwide

Group D - Local

Commercial License for local advertising use.

  • Advertising on TV / Radio / Cinema (Spots, commercials, jingles, or local filmlets)
  • Bumper / Promo / Ident (TV or Radio local shows)
  • Up to 1.000 reproductions* (Mechanical license)
  • Mobile Apps up to 25.000 downloads (e.g. iPhone / iPad / Android)


Group E - Regional

COMMERCIAL License for regional advertising use.

  • Advertising on TV / Radio / Cinema (Spots, commercials, jingles, or regional filmlets)
  • Bumper / Promo / Ident (TV or Radio regional shows)
  • Online advertising (Viral videos / Microsites / No in-stream ads)
  • Up to 5.000 reproductions* (Mechanical license)
  • Mobile Apps up to 50.000 downloads (e.g. iPhone / iPad / Android)


Group F - National

COMMERCIAL License for national advertising use..

  • Advertising on TV / Radio / Cinema (Spots, commercials, jingles, or national filmlets)
  • Bumper / Promo / Ident (TV or Radio national shows)
  • Online advertisingin-stream Video advertising in-stream
  • Up to 10.000 reproductions* (Mechanical license)
  • Mobile Apps up to 100.000 downloads (e.g. iPhone / iPad / Android)


Group G - Other uses

The following licenses are not granted online, please contact us.

  • Global License for all uses
  • Use on stage performances (e.g. theater, circus)*
  • Use in motion picture (e.g. feature film, short film)*
  • Use as Corporate Logo
  • Uses which are not covered by any other group

* This type of use may be subject to additional fees or charges by collecting societies, as well as previous obtaining of other permits from such societies.

Is it possible to upgrade to a higher License?

Yes. If you already have a License Agreement and you need to upgrade it in order to use the music within the same project but in a manner that is not authorized by the current license, you only have to pay the difference! Contact us to upgrade your license.

Do you need a license on behalf of your final client?

TONOPRO offers the possibility to purchase music and then license it on behalf of a client. In this case, the purchase invoice will be issued to the name on the user account, while your final client will become the licensee or right-holder (i.e.owner of the rights to use the purchased music.

To make this change please click the "Change Licensee" button on the top right of the invoice after filling out the name and type of project in the license details. It has to be completed before the license is printed.

License and invoice are separate documents, therefore you give your client just the License document and the terms of our Standard Audio License, so he could present them to the collecting societies in case of possible claims.

ATTENTION! This change can only be done once and when it’s done, any license printed previously to any other owner name will be immediately canceled.

I need a license for a project that is not listed on the website.

Some of the uses available for TONOPRO musical works are not listed on the site, in particular, the contents of Group G - Other uses (e.g. global license for all uses, theatrical performances, corporate logo, etc.). Contact us to get a license that best fits your project.

Is there a flat rate at TONOPRO for use of the entire library?

Yes. We offer 3 types of flat rates for use of our entire catalog, covering different licensing categories. For a monthly fee you get unlimited access to the entire library during the specified period. You may use unlimited number of musical works in as many projects as you need, under the terms and conditions of the flat rate. After the expiration of the specified period you and/or your client will retain the rights to use the music in projects where it was used. More info here.

May I use the same license for different projects?

No. The licenses are granted only for one client and one project. Using the same piece of music in different projects will necessarily require obtaining a new license for the new project.

Why is it necessary to indicate the project name in the license?

The project name and type of project need to be included in the license you print. In the case of claims from performing rights societies (eg, SGAE, ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA, etc ...) you will be required to prove that you have a legal right to use a specific track in a particular project.

To ensure that you and your client have absolute legal security, please be as specific as possible when writing the title of the project (e.g. instead of Video Manuel SL, please write, Corporate Video Presentation Project "New Media" for Manuel Granados, SL - Producer "THE PRODUCER").

For your security, this process can only be done once, so in case of error or misprint please contact us.

May I get exclusive rights to a track from the catalog?

Music is sometimes used for branding as a signature distinguishing between competing products and projects, or as the original logo/opening of television and radio shows. For these cases a non- exclusive license is not an option.

TONOPRO is proud to offer the possibility of granting exclusive licenses for such uses. Exclusive license will be issued only for a single project in certain area, and will be subject to annual renewal. Therefore, any use in a project other than that described in the Exclusive License Agreement will inevitably lead to a new license.

I need original and exclusive music, can I get it at TONOPRO?

Yes. TONOPRO Music® is a trademark of TONOPRO Music, SL for marketing of production music. We are a company that has been offering music composition services tailored to all types of media for over 15 years. TONOPRO has a proven experience in creating music for television shows, advertising and multimedia. Contact our customer service at: clientes[at]tonopro.es where we will be happy to talk to you about our rates and offer any advice you might need.

In addition, you can contact independently any of the composers from our catalog via their public profiles. To access author's profile, click the author's name in the details of each track.

Doubts? Can’t find the right license for your project?

If you are not sure what type of license you need for your project please contact us through our contact form, or via email, or talk to us directly over the phone +34 933 303 351. We will be happy to assist you and solve your doubts.

What is an Image Film or film product or an Editorial Film?

  • Image Film and Film Product: are business reports or commercials of long duration (5-10 min), aesthetically close to the movies. This is a film production, with more or less of a subliminal message, intended to promote a brand, product or service, but in an artistic way, not advertising way.
  • Editorial Film: are aesthetically close to videobooks and even to image films. They are usually associated with production dedicated to the world of fashion.
  • Online Ads: advertisements in the style of television commercials.
  • Product Ads: videos made to encourage the user to perform an action, answer a question, visit a website, enter a contest, purchase a product or service, usually by a payment. These ads can be displayed on external web sites.
  • Trailers / Promotional videos: displayed on third party or external websites, announce a new product or service.
  • Viral videos: viral implies the type of marketing that seeks to draw attention to a brand or product through a video, which sometimes has little or nothing to do with that brand, but with a hidden subliminal message.
  • Paid advertising campaigns on third party sites
  • Ads by e-mail / Newsletters
  • Advertising Banners / Pop-ups

Do I have to credit the authors?

Yes. Under the terms of our Standard Audio License the customer is obligated to specify the source of the musical works and accredit their legitimate authors each time the musical works are used, explicitly in television and film production. Whether special features of the environment do not allow accreditation, or such accreditation interferes with the development of the production or its derivative works, no accreditation will be required (as in the case of advertising productions for TV or radio).

How to credit the authors?

TThe acknowledgement and accreditation of the authors must have the following format: "TITLE OF THE WORK ©[insert year] NAME AUTHOR, License granted by TONOPRO®”.

Can I pay with PayPal without having a PayPal account?

Yes. You can make a PayPal payment without having a registered user account. You can pay with any card, e-check, or bank transfer. (More info about Paypal)


Try before you buy!

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a track fits the project without trying it first. To help in this task, TONOPRO offers the possibility to download demos.

You need to be logged in to download demos. Click the "download" button (located next to the "buy" button) at the right of a track info. You also have this function within the detailed information of a track, in the right sidebar.

In order to protect the copyright of musical works, all demo files downloaded from TONOPRO are watermarked and have a low sound quality.

What audio formats are available at TONOPRO?

All TONOPRO® files are in MP3 Stereo format, 320 kbps, 44.1 khz, 16 bits. This allows us optimizing the speed of online listening, as well as number downloads and space they take on your hard disk. Although the MP3 format is a compressed format, the quality of a file encoded at 320 kbps is virtually the same as that of WAV or AIFF.

What is the difference between Playlist and Favorites List?

During your search on TONOPRO you can add tracks to a playlist, which then can be used as a Wish List.

All users can create playlists, however, only registered users can save them for permanent access from their account. Otherwise, playlists are removed in 15 minutes.

As a registered user you can save as many favorites playlists as you need, manage them independently and use them, for example, to:

  • Add items to Cart on a second visit
  • Queue tracks for later listening
  • Store your bookmarked tracks for future projects
  • Send your selection to a friend or client to get their opinion or approval

Playlist items and previously created playlists are located in the right sidebar. The Favorites Playlists are tied to your username and will never go away unless you choose to delete them.

Categories, Filters and Keywords / Tags

To help you find the best track for your project TONOPRO offers you a number of useful tools such as the categories, filters and tags.

Categories: The categories allow you to go directly to the kind of music you need. You can find them in the left sidebar.

Filters: Filters are located in the left sidebar below the categories. You can activate different parameters and combine them to obtain for example, tracks with a tempo of 140 BPM, time signature of 4/4, tagged as "cheerful" in the Corporate category

You can filter out works by combining the following parameters:

  • Category
  • Key
  • Meter
  • Tempo
  • Instruments Used
  • Composer
  • Mood Tags

The number of relevant search results will be shown next to each filter option. Click the "View" button to display all matching results.

How and when I receive the purchased items?

Once your purchase is validated, direct download links will be emailed to you. You can also download the purchased files from your user account by clicking "Order List".

You have up to 3 downloads for each file within 72 hours of purchase. We limit the number of downloads to 3 as a security measure and to ensure proper access and operation of the site at all times. If for any reason you nrequire a download after 72 hours, please contact us via our contact form.

Will I get a refund if there’s a problem with my download?

Yes. However, TONOPRO reserves the right to determine eligibility for refunds at its sole discretion, after performing all the necessary checks to verify the validity of your claim.

How do I get the invoice and License?

At the end of checkout process on TONOPRO® you will be given direct links to the invoice, license and purchased tracks. Also, the invoice and license will automatically appear in your user account, accessible at all times via the username button at the top right of the website.

What payment methods are accepted on TONOPRO?

All transactions on TONOPRO® are made through PayPal, which allows payments through major credit cards. Having a PayPal account will save you time in shopping on TONOPRO®, since you can pay directly with your PayPal balance or easily access the linked bank account.

What VAT rate is charged in the invoice?

All purchases made at TONOPRO® by citizens of countries within the European Union will be taxed at the current 21% VAT in Spain. Exemption from VAT for all purchases is given to:

  • Citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU),
  • Residents of Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands,
  • Companies within the EU (except Spain) with a valid VAT number.

I have a valid VAT number, can I get a VAT refund for my purchases?

If your company is included in the register of intra-Community operators and has a valid VAT number, you can receive VAT refunds on purchases at TONOPRO®. To do this please contact us via any option in the Help section of our website.

Can I get my music in other formats?

From the moment of purchase the items you bought at TONOPRO® will appear in your user area in MP3 format. If you need other formats such as Wav or Aiff, you can choose to encode them through your own software, or request these formats via our contact form. TONOPRO within a reasonable period of time will send you the item in the requested format in the way it deems most appropriate.

Does TONOPRO have a refund policy?

Yes. You can request a refund on the purchased items within 14 days from the date of purchase, as long as you have not downloaded any of them. Otherwise TONOPRO® will not issue refund under any circumstances.

What happens if the download was interrupted?

Your purchased items will be available for download within 72 hours after payment. You can download them from the download section of your user account or directly from the invoice of your purchase. After this period, you can claim the download or the file only presenting the invoice of purchase.

What are gift coupons?

Gift coupons are coupons sent to our customers which allow them to deduct a percentage from total of their purchases at TONOPRO®.

How to use a coupon code?

To use a coupon simply follow these steps:

  • Add items to the shopping cart.
  • Copy the coupon code into the space provided for it.

The system will recalculate the new price minus the percentage of money or gift included in the discount coupon.

My Account

Where is my account?

At the top right of the page is located a button through which you can log into the site. Once you logged in, the button will show on hover a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Profile - where you can edit your personal and billing information.
  • Orders List - from which you can access orders, download files, print your License, or even change the data of the License on behalf of your client if necessary.
  • Favorites List - where you can access the tracks you bookmarked while searching the site for music for your different projects.

What I can do if I lose my password or my member name?

If you have lost your password or username, you should click the link in the user/login menu located at the upper right corner of the website and follow the instructions for each step.

Is your website secure?

TONOPRO Music, Music does not store any bank account or credit card data on the website. All payments at www.tonopro.es are made through "PayPal"" who maintain their secure servers with the highest and most modern security measures.

The only data we store, as described in our Privacy Policy, is your personal data necessary for commercial transaction, which is saved in a automatically generated file that TONOPRO Music keeps duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Who can become a TONOPRO author?

Any adult who wishes to license his music through TONOPRO®, whether member or not of any performance rights organization or collecting society.

Can I become a TONOPRO author if I am under 18?

No. TONOPRO® does not authorize the use of its services to minors (under 18 years in most jurisdictions). If you are a minor, you must have the consent of your parents or guardians before you can become author and sell your music through our online service.

How much does it cost to join TONOPRO as an Author?

Joining TONOPRO® is completely free. However, you have to complete an approval process before you start selling your music through our service.

I want to become a TONOPRO author, what can I do?

Selecting tracks that will become a part of our catalog is something we take very seriously. You music must be carefully crafted with criteria of professionalism and sound quality.

In order to process your application please send us an email to autor[at]tonopro.es with answers to the following questions:

  • Are you a member of any collecting society? (e.g. SGAE, ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA, etc...)
  • How many musical works do you have to offer?
  • Is your music currently on sale on other libraries located in Spain?

Attach to the message at least 4 songs in MP3 format, or alternatively send us a download link, or link to a site where we can hear your music.

We do not accept works registered with companies that use “Content ID / Digital Fingerprinting” for monetization through advertising on YouTube videos.

We will not respond to incomplete applications.

If your music passes our quality control and has value to our catalog you will be promptly informed about the next step.

What percentage do I get from the licensing of my songs?

TONOPRO pays the Non-Exclusive authors a 50% share of net amount received from the purchase of each track. However, authors can choose to receive higher percentages of up to 70% depending on different exclusivity agreements.

Commissions are paid to authors in the beginning of the month following the one in which the sales were made.

How will I be paid?

The commissions of each month will be transferred to the PayPal account you have at that time associated with your user account. For other payment methods, please contact our author department.

Are my tracks really protected at TONOPRO?

Customers obtaining licenses through our service do it in a non-exclusive way. According to our terms and conditions the author retains at all times the ownership and copyright of the musical works he decided to assign to us for distribution.

In the same way our customers, under the provision of the license terms, may not use your music in any way not expressly authorized by the license. TONOPRO® may in no time grant any license without your permission or claim ownership or copyright on any of your works.

What kind of music can I sell at TONOPRO?

You can sell any kind of music regardless of style, type, or duration, as long as you own all the legal rights to license it to third parties.

What format must my music be in to upload to TONOPRO?

All tracks that you upload to our server must be encoded in MP3 format at 320 kbps stereo 44.1 kHz 16 bit with ID3 tags. Version 2.2 or lower. To achieve optimal results in terms of sound quality we recommend encoding tracks from original WAV or AIFF formats with up to date "Lame" driver.

Do I have the right to be credited in works that use my music?

Yes. All customers that purchase tracks on TONOPRO are obligated by the License terms to specify the source of the musical works and accredit their legitimate authors each time the musical works are used, explicitly in television and film production. Whether special features of the environment do not allow accreditation, or such accreditation interferes with the development of the production or its derivative works, no accreditation will be required (as in the case of advertising productions for TV or radio).

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